Art & Poetry

Autumn (Edited)



The chilling Autumn winds,

swallow the fading sky.

“Summer, rescind!”,

the bleeding sun cries.

Flowers softly die.

The icy moon screams ‘why?!’

and the Earth mourns this plight,

whilst birds prepare for flight,

for south they must migrate,

and bears prepare their lairs

so that they may hibernate.

Mighty trees are left bare…

…as their fated leaves, numerous in shades

fall like heavy feathers, conquering the forest,

diving down and landing in a manner that is flawless.

But although the sweet subtle scent, of summer now fades,

transmuting instead, into a pungent autumnal air,

there is a great sense of debonair.

The ground floods with leaves: fiery-reds and golden-yellows.

Bonfires burn a warm tiger-orange glow, their presence mellow.

Spirits get ready for the great All Hallows’ Eve.

Autumn: a time to celebrate, rather than to grieve.

Art & Poetry

Autumn Part 2

…but although the sweet subtle scent of summer fades,

transmuting into a pungent autumnal air.

Leaves of various shades

(tiger-oranges, fiery- reds and golden-yellows)

burn a beautiful path that is debonair.

Breathtaking bonfires burn, their presence mellow,

Spirits get ready for the great All Hallows’ Eve,

Autumn: a time to celebrate, rather than to grieve.

Art & Poetry

Autumn Part 1



Chilling Autumn winds,

swallow the fading sky.

“Summer, rescind”,

the bleeding sun cries.

Mighty trees are left bare, as their leaves brown and fall,

The world becomes transformed, because it is now Autumn, afterall.

Flowers softly die.

The icy moon screams ‘why?!’

and the Earth mourns this plight,

whilst birds prepare for flight,

for south they must migrate,

and bears prepare their lairs, so that they may hibernate…

Art & Poetry


The forest black, stands barren and lifeless,

drenched in the scent, of cold emptiness.

Flowers once known for their alluring essence

are replaced by weeds, nightmarish in their presence.

They infest the forest, and wrap around trees,

and spread rapidly like a contagious disease.

Wolves cry out to the sunken moon,

lest they can avoid their impending, eternal doom.

“But eternal slumber cannot be avoided,

for a quietus is natural, and not like a void”

quoth the ancient forest,

full of wisdom purest,

“and in time will this darkness again, be lifted”.

and indeed the world is once again, but shifted.

The evil shadow cast by the moon,

is replaced by a sunspell and soon,

the earth feeds heartily on the devilish weeds,

trees regenerate at a remarkable speed,

and birds and bees swoon

over flowers that bloom.

They sing a beautiful tune:

“It is the time of the year,

which means… Spring is here!”

Hi all, I know I haven’t written in a while, but I am planning to be more regular again 🙂 This is my first poem in 2 months! I intend to write more poetry from now on, along with the odd article here and there.

Inspiration: ‘spring’ – a song by Wintersun

Culture & Society

Why BLM demonstrations cannot wait

I wasn’t sure what to post with regards to racism, but I feel that the important thing is that I say something. Especially now.

As someone who lives in London, I want to address those living in the UK in particular.

I want to try and get those in the UK to understand why Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests could not wait until after the pandemic. So here goes…

Psychology & Mental Wellbeing

Mental Health Quiz

Mental Health Awareness Week is over, but hey, it’s never too late to raise awareness!…so I thought I would share a quiz that I created for a virtual quiz night with my friends. The aim of this quiz is to educate and raise awareness. I have also attached links that provide info and advice related to the questions.

Art & Poetry

Daughter of the Sea

I climb mountains that stand at the grandest of heights,

I race sky creatures amidst the wildest of winds,

I take flight through the blackest of nights,

and my journey, I absolutely cannot rescind.

I must press on, toil, though I feel despondent,

even though, as I travel through this desolate Earth,

walking through decaying bones and rotting rodents,

this turmoil does not feel, of any worth.

I am lost inside the valley of the damned,

I begin to lose hope,

the lost wandering soul that I am,

searching for the place that I can call home.

Finally, I find my destined path.

I swim against mighty tides

created by Poseidon’s wrath.

As I brave through his raging storms, I find

that I am home

to take back control.

I will set nature free of his fury,

for I am…the Daughter of the Sea.

Inspiration: many of my poems, including this one, are inspired by a band called Insomnium.


Greek Mythology Quiz

During lockdown, I had a virtual quiz night with my friends. I’ve always been interested in Greek mythology and was actually planning to go to Athens before the pandemic, so I came up with a quiz on Greek mythology. I thought it might be a fun quiz for others to use too if they wish 🙂 WARNING: some of the things that happened in these myths are pretty disturbing!!


An Unconventonal Eid in Lockdown

Although I identify as agnostic, I still celebrate Eid with my family as part of traditon.

Celebrating Eid al-Fitr this year, however, was a unique experience. I’m sure it was for so many others too.

Eid usually involves celebrations, community , praying with others, eating with others, visiting family…the point is, a huge focus is on spending time with people. With the pandemic, it was an unusual eid for many, due to restrictions around seeing people and inevitably, less of a community feel.

My family and I decided that, since we couldn’t do much for Eid this year, we’d instead spend it by having a walk through Crystal Palace Park, buy chocolate, bake, dress up and take photos, and say hi to people on zoom. Things were feeling monotonous for me lately, and amazingly, Eid (despite the circumstances) gave me a much needed sense of normality that I had been craving for a while.

😊 Here are some pictures…


Mental Health Awareness Week

More men than women die by suicide

Eating disorders are not just a women’s illness

Not everyone with OCD is organised or a ‘germaphobe’

There is nothing shameful about getting therapy

Anxiety and depression often reinforce each other

Learning about a condition one has will certainly prove helpful

Hypochondria is also known as health anxiety

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect

Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder are all common eating disorders

Learning relaxation techniques can be useful for anxiety

Trichotillomania or ‘hair pulling disorder’ is an anxiety disorder not often talked about

Health is not only about the physical

Anorexia is not just ‘being skinny’

When somebody has an eating disorder, it is not always obvious

Agorophobia can be overcome

Research has a massive impact on mental health

Early intervention, if possible, is helpful

Never is it too late to get better, though

Emotions, especially your own, are useful to understand

Schizoprenia does not have anything to do with a split personality

Support can come in various forms

We all deserve to be loved

Ending stigma around mental illness is critical

Everyone has value and worth

Kindness to others can go a long way